The cost of hiring an architectural photographer


We spoke to a designer at a very large, multiple-award-winning international firm of architects of 50+ years’ standing and he gave us some inside info on fees and how they hire.

“Photographer charges by the day + one assistant. Shoots are usually two days and we expect to get 10 – 20 final images.

In architecture we usually pay $10,000 per day because of variables… time of day, weather, time of year, harder to schedule.

In interiors we pay $10,000 for a premiere photographer which would include editorial uses, or $5,000 for regular projects for our marketing purposes. A photographer that has an editorial connection is great but expensive, usually only signature projects go in that direction. We usually help in the styling and providing props to liven up the shots.

The price may increase depending on how many shots we want. We review the views with them first in order to get a handle on number of shots. Any touch-ups are part of the fee. We pay for any travel or helicopters if needed.

The photographers do the art direction under the guidelines of what we are looking for. We tend to use the same people and trust their work. The project designer chooses the photographer depending on their relationship. They get in the door by networking and trying to meet face to face. Email and cards get thrown out. [We're too] big and have no time to go through these things….it’s who you know!

Photographer credit is given with images used in anything published, no credit given in our own marketing materials. Photographer retains copyright but we have perpetual rights to use the images.”

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